A Lightweight Web Toolkit

FDJT (pronounced /ˈfɪdʒɪt/ as in "fidget") is a lightweight portable Web toolkit developed by beingmeta and released under the GNU LGPL. FDJT doesn't introduce any new abstractions but adds useful functionality to the abstractions already provided by Javascript and the DOM (Document Object Model). This distinguishes it from noble efforts like Prototype or Dojo and also from herculean efforts like Google's GWT, or Adobe's AIR.

Getting ItYou can download FDJT from here, or check it out of subversion from:

and simply install it on your site. Alternatively, you can reference the files directly at:

Organization FDJT is organized into of multiple files:

History FDJT stands for FramerD Javascript Toolkit and was originally implemented to support beingmeta's web prototypes. In an adopted Harvard tradition, FDJT could be known as the web toolkit of 3 lies, to wit:

  1. FDJT no longer has much to do with FramerD but is much more general. (The FramerD specific functionality is now in framerd.js).
  2. FDJT is not limited to Javascript, but contains a fair amount of CSS and is likely to include code in other languages (PHP, Perl, Python, Scheme, the usual suspects) which generates HTML that leverages the toolkit.
  3. There are really only two lies. Sorry.